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Have you recently had surgery to repair your bones, muscles, or tendons?

If so, your body might become stiff while you recover.

While rest is great after surgery to allow adequate recovery of damaged tissues, it’s not so great for muscle strength. Often, recovery after orthopedic surgery can result in a reduced range of motion, atrophy of muscles, and weakness.

This is normal, but it’s not ideal if your goal is to repair a damaged musculoskeletal structure, like a joint.

With a little bit of strategic planning, you can limit the degeneration of your tissues while you recover from surgery and put yourself on the fast track to a speedy recovery.

Luckily, a physical therapist can help.

Injury Recovery With Physical Therapy: How it Works

Physical therapy is a supervised method of conditioning the body to greater health. Some methods of physical therapy include:


One of the main ways a physical therapist helps rehabilitate the body is by prescribing exercises specific to each situation. After orthopedic surgery, one of the main treatment goals is regaining strength and function of the affected areas.

This is best accomplished by creating an exercise program to stimulate the muscles and surrounding tissues. Exercise programs are designed to accommodate the injuries and limitations of the patient, so the appropriate level of challenge is used.

Manual Manipulation

A licensed physical therapist can help break down scar tissue, increase the range of motion of joints, improve flexibility, and manage pain by manually manipulating the body. This could include stretching, massaging, and more, depending on the situation.

Movement Training

Sometimes, after surgery, it can be difficult to regain normal function of your body. That’s why South Orange Rehabilitation & Wellness physical therapists use the latest video technology to help correct any improper movement patterns that may develop to return you to your peak mobility.     

Benefits of Physical Therapy After Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedic surgery usually occurs when there is a problematic joint, muscle or tendon in the body. Often, the affected area has been negatively affected for months, or even years.

Surgery is then used to correct the underlying problem, but the issue is not truly gone until the body has healed from the surgery.

Therefore, the body needs to heal the tissues that were damaged from the original injury, as well as the tissues that were damaged during the surgery. Physical therapy helps promote this healing process, by offering the following benefits:  

  • Pain Relief: Physical therapy can stimulate blood flow to the area, helping to remove inflammation and reduce swelling. This often results in natural pain relief, decreasing the need for drugs.
  • Shorter Recovery Time: Get back to normal faster by actively engaging in the injury recovery process. Physical therapy offers a guided, accelerated path to recovery.
  • Maximized Movement: Physical therapists will diagnose any movement inconsistencies that have developed before, during, or after your injury. This can help you maximize your movement abilities –even surpass your prior state of health and fitness!
  • Injury Prevention: After a major injury requiring surgery, the affected structures are weakened. While the pain may go away, the joint can remain vulnerable to further injury if it is not rehabilitated properly.

The truth is, orthopedic surgery is only the first step on the road to recovery after an injury. Whether it’s sports injury recovery or another kind of injury, physical therapy is a crucial part of the process.  

Heal From Orthopedic Surgery Faster With Physical Therapy

If you’ve recently had orthopedic surgery, don’t delay in seeking treatment. A physical therapist can manage your recovery program to get you to your peak state of health and fitness fast.  

Contact South Orange Rehabilitation & Wellness if you’re looking for physical therapy in South Orange, NJ. See what they can do for you today!