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The lower back and spine is an intricate working of muscles, tendons, and bones that support the entire body. Every movement you make is supported by another muscle or bone than the one you are using to make that movement. 

Without the spine, you wouldn’t be able to hold your head up, sit up straight, or lift your arms up. Really, you wouldn’t be able to function at all if it wasn’t for your spine and lower back. 

However, because of such an intricate layout, the lower back area is especially prone to injury. Luckily, if you can understand its structure and why it’s prone to injury, you can also do simple things to protect it and keep it strong. 

Structure of the Lower Back

The spine located in the lower back is the part of your body that takes the most load every day. It has the most weight on it at all times and is also in charge of helping you stay supported when you’re lifting or moving things. 

Your lower back has a combination of four things that allow it to function at its best:

  • Protection: it allows your spinal cord and nerves to send messages to your brain
  • Shock absorption: it handles stress and harsh movements
  • Flexibility: it allows you to bend and twist in every way possible 
  • Strength: allows you to sit upright and have a full range of motion

Because it is so intricate and holds the heaviest load, it’s more prone to injury, whether that be a minor injury or a severe one. When injuries do happen to the lower back it can be incredibly painful and cause you to lose range of motion. 

Keeping Your Lower Back Strong

Lucky for you, keeping your lower back healthy can be achieved easily through daily or weekly practices. Once you get in the habit of doing things to support your lower back, you’ll probably see a positive reaction in the rest of your body as well. 

Some easy ways to keep your lower back healthy include:

  • Exercise: Weak muscles in your core and pelvic area can cause your lower back to work harder to support you. You can take away some of this load by creating strong muscles around the lower back. Basically exercises for the support system of the lower back so it can support you. 
  • Stretching: The most common injury to the lower back is a pulled or strained muscle. Regular stretching, such as yoga, can help relax and lengthen your muscles and joints so they are able to move more freely and recover from exercise or stress. 
  • Support: Daily activities such as walking or sitting all day can cause your lower back to get tight and then injure easier. By making sure you are always supported, such as with tennis shoes or an ergonomic chair at your desk, you give your lower back the rest and support it needs to function well. 
  • Posture Practice: Having bad posture can wreak havoc not only on your back but on the rest of your body as well. By training your body to have the best posture possible, you give your body the chance to function better and lessen your chance of injury to your lower back. 

Back Experts at South Orange Rehabilitation and Wellness

The professionals at South Orange Rehabilitation and Wellness are considered back experts. We have trusted processes and practices that allow for anyone with any kind of back injury the chance to grow and make sure their lower back is in the best shape possible. 

Our process is simple and easy, and will give you the results you need: 

  1. You book an appointment
  2. We evaluate you and create a plan of action
  3. We start treatment and track your progress
  4. We stay with treatment and aftercare until you’ve reached all of your goals

If you’re ready to get help with your lower back, reach out to us today on our website to make an appointment.