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Starting a weight loss journey can be challenging and exhausting. Not only can it be hard to figure out what works best for your body, some days it can feel like it’s not even working. 

On top of that, when you ask others what they recommend, everyone has different things to say. Go to the gym, walk every day, change your diet, go to physical therapy — all of it can be confusing. 

Luckily, the professionals at South Orange Rehabilitation and Wellness are here to help you understand how physical therapy can be beneficial in your weight loss journey. Physical therapy can help you understand your body better and therefore complete activities for your body that will help you lose weight. 

The Benefits of Physical Therapy for Weight Loss

One of the main things that people forget when starting a weight loss journey is that all bodies are different. Just because one person can run daily and keep off the weight doesn’t mean the same thing works for others. 

So that should be step one in your weight loss journey: understanding your body. For example, at SORW, we offer lifestyle counseling for our patients who come in to work with us to lose weight. We talk about your daily activities, your mental health, and your diet, discussing how all of those elements affect your body. 

From there, a physical therapist can take steps to plan out activities, exercises, and other items that will help you slowly start to lose weight. During this journey, they will be paying attention to  what activities your body responds best to. Some of the benefits of working with a physical therapist outside of lifestyle help are:

Better Mobility:

Sometimes, especially with age or weight, our mobility might not be what it used to be. A physical therapist’s goal is to get you moving better and then you can progress into more high temp activities. 

Little Discomfort:

If you’re injured or overweight, your joints, and muscles can feel that strain and make working out the “traditional” way harder than normal. A physical therapist can help you create stretches and warm-ups that make your joints and muscles more ready and accepting of regular physical activity. 

Increased Strength:

The best part of physical therapy is that it builds your strength over time, without having you overexert yourself. This can be extremely beneficial to those who are injured or don’t have much strength to begin with. 

The best part about using physical therapy for weight loss? Physical therapists can help you no matter your age, strength, or injury. It may seem like the movements aren’t helping because they are small but they have a big impact down the line through consistency. 

Plus, you protect your joints and muscles the correct way and lower the risk of hurting yourself through overexertion. It’s the kind of comprehensive care that people need when trying to lose weight, especially if they’re feeling like they should give up. 

Reach out to South Orange Rehabilitation and Wellness Today

At South Orange Rehabilitation and Wellness we use hands-on customized approaches to help our patients feel better every time they leave our office. If you’re wanting to lose weight we’ll work with you to identify what works for your body and simple exercises you can start out with. 

By regularly scheduling appointments with us, you can keep yourself accountable and always know you have professionals there to support you and your body as you go on this journey. If you want more information on how our physical therapy services can help you on your weight loss journey, reach out to us on our appointment page today.