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Orthopedic Rehabilitation Physical Therapy

One-one-one treatment for faster healing.

If you are seeking an innovative approach to physical therapy in South Orange, NJ, look no further than South Orange Rehabilitation & Wellness – a holistic approach to treating the whole person, not just the underlying injury.

You can expect a welcoming, warm approach to increasing strength, mobility, and overall confidence in the aftermath of a serious injury or invasive procedure. Beginning with your individually-tailored treatment plan and lasting through your care plan, we strive to give you a positive experience – even while enduring pain and limited mobility.

When it comes to physical therapy, there is no one-size-fits-all approach as each patient responds at a different pace to treatment. Once you visit the South Orange office, you’ll know you’re in good hands.

Your Physical Therapist’s Approach

One of the hallmarks of South Orange Rehabilitation & Wellness is the hands-on approach to working with clients. Typically, you will work with the same physical therapist throughout the duration of your treatment. Our therapists utilize a combination of strategies to help each patient reach all treatment goals, including video analysis of progress and suggested exercises to work on at home.

Unlike other physical therapy offices, our therapists work directly with patients (as opposed to relying on exercise machinery to do the work). South Orange Rehabilitation & Wellness believes that your road to recovery involves more than rehabilitating the precise orthopedic issue, but that holistic care will bring about faster healing and help prevent painful recurrence of issues in the future. 

Practice Areas

At the practice, South Orange Rehabilitation & Wellness partners with patients ranging from pediatric to the elderly. The physical therapists understand the importance of working with the body as a whole, and that the site of pain is not always the source of pain. For instance, joint pain can occur as a result of poor posture, misalignment, or various other issues.

The center also regularly treats patients with pain in any of the following areas due to orthopedic issues or sports injury: 

Spine & Shoulders

Manual labor, contact sports, extended periods of sitting, or serious injuries can all introduce extensive and significant pain and tension to the spine and shoulders. The therapists will assess your pain, review your history, and create a plan that makes sense for your situation, including rehabilitation of the rotator cuff, shoulder separation, tears to the labral cuff (known as a SLAP tear), or those diagnosed with scoliosis.

In addition to shoulder therapy, South Orange Rehabilitation & Wellness also works with patients enduring lumbar pain due to a herniated disc(s), degenerative disc disease, sprain, strain, or anyone recovering from back surgery. 


Physical therapists understand the limitations that can accompany severe knee pain. If you are anticipating a total knee replacement or are suffering from a degenerative disease primarily affecting this joint, South Orange Rehabilitation & Wellness can help build your confidence and increase mobility. We also work with post-surgical patients and those with patellofemoral pain.

Wrists & Hands

Full use of the wrists and hands is an irreplaceable component to living a full daily life. Whether you feel limited by ongoing pain, recently underwent a surgical procedure to this area, or injured yourself resulting in fracture or total break, South Orange Rehabilitation & Wellness can help. Wrists and hands are comprised of an exceptionally delicate network of bones, tendons, and ligaments – and experience counts.

Ankles & Feet

Strong ankles and feet are the key to a sturdy foundation (i.e., avoiding falls and further injury). We routinely work with patients who are post-surgical or suffered a serious sprain. In addition, if you work on your feet all day, therapists also help alleviate plantar fasciitis and tendonitis.

Hips & Pelvis

Physical therapy is a vital component to recovering from a hip replacement, and South Orange Rehabilitation & Wellness has especially honed the approach for the increasing number of patients undergoing this procedure. We also work with conditions including osteoarthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, and acute injury.

Injury Recovery in South Orange

Our physical therapists are well-trained and experienced medical professionals dedicated to full-body repair. To meet your treatment goals, your plan may include any of the following physical therapy services:

  • Hands-on manual therapies
  • Video feedback highlighting areas of strength and weakness
  • Recommended exercises to work on at home to expedite recovery

At South Orange Rehabilitation & Wellness, your success is our top priority, and we will work to ensure both objective and personal treatment goals are met with the help of one-on-one personalized care.

Contact our South Orange NJ physical therapy office today! We can’t wait to get started: ​973-761-0077

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