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What is Physical Therapy?

A hands-on, customized approach to promoting recovery and treating pain.

The modern concept of physical therapy actually got its start in the 1800s in conjunction with a Swedish-based gymnastics facility. At that time, as a component to training, gymnasts were provided with additional treatments in massage, manipulation and strength exercises. From there, the notion of physical therapy began to grow amongst competitive sports, and ultimately expanded during the polio epidemic of the early 1900’s.

Physical Therapy Helps Your Body Heal Faster & More Completely

Since then, physical therapy has been an integral part of treatment both for athletes and those enduring illness and injury alike. To learn more about the benefits, we encourage you to contact our physical therapists in South Orange NJ today! 

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Core Goals of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is an important component of recovery and increased quality of life. The South Orange physical therapists can promote healing and wellness for patients experiencing any of the following health situations:

Relief of General Ongoing Pain

Many patients are dealing with chronic, ongoing pain – and are seeking relief as quickly as possible. For some, solutions including re-learning proper posture, addressing muscle weakness, or strengthening muscle groups to increase stability offer relief. Remember, not all physical therapy patients are recovering from severe sports injuries or orthopedic procedures – some are simply seeking relief from nagging discomfort.

Sports Injury Recovery

At South Orange Rehabilitation & Wellness, therapists work routinely with both youth and adults suffering from the effects of a sports-related injury. These types of injuries can impact virtually any muscle group, including the shoulders and back, arms, wrists and ankles, neck, legs, and hips. No matter the patient’s age or medical background, our tailored treatment plans will help encourage expedient healing and future injury prevention.

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Address Balance Issues

If you are experiencing issues with balance, gait, vertigo, or general unsteadiness, our team of professionals will work with your particular symptoms to reduce your feelings of “swaying,” eliminate the visual and auditory disruption and face triggering movements head-on to retrain your central nervous system and its reaction.

Balance issues can occur for any number of reasons, including genetic conditions, autoimmune disorders, traumatic brain injury, or inner ear problems. No matter the source of the discomfort, we can help create a brighter future with a reduced fall risk and a reduced instance of dizziness. 

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Manage Health Issues

Many do not realize that physical therapy extends beyond acute injury or ongoing chronic pain. Did you know that a South Orange physical therapist can help address issues relating to vascular problems, diabetes, and even stroke-related concerns?

For those struggling with diabetes, we can introduce manageable exercises that are mindful of the numbness that this condition can bring to the feet and ankles. Moreover, an experienced team is ready to work with you post-heart attack or respiratory episode by introducing a strength and conditioning routine created to increase blood flow and cardiac rhythms while ensuring patients are maintaining a healthy heart rate and breathing pattern. 

Age-Related Conditions

Even the healthiest patients experience aches and pains brought about by the aging process. While aging is to be expected, pain and discomfort need not necessarily follow. For patients who seek added stability and strength in retirement and beyond, our therapists are ready to help meet those goals.

Pediatric Treatment

Our youngest patients do very well with physical therapy, and our experienced therapists are specially trained to meet the unique needs of this population. For children, physical therapy can address both sports-related injuries, general injury recovery, and the effects of congenital issues or developmental delays. 

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